6 Problems That Need Heating Repair

Are you still experiencing issues with your heating system, yet you just want to ignore it because you know the sun is on its way? Yeah, don’t we all. However, when you’re in need of a heating repair, it is important to assess the problem and tackle it as soon as possible. Even though the warm weather is on its way, you still have an obligation to take care of your heating service. A simple call can do the trick and end your troubles. But what kinds of problems are you seeing? Lucky for you, here at Air Tech Pros, we’ve listed 9 common problems you might run into with your system, and what problems require a heating repair.

What Does Air Tech Pros Know About Heating Repair?

Here at Air Tech Pros HVAC Inc., we know what it is like dealing with a broken heater. It’s frustrating and uncomfortable and can cause some serious damage to your homes, such as indoor air pollution and potential fire. Air Tech Pros strives to bring high-quality service and maintenance so that your home will never experience these kinds of setbacks. Our contractors are professionally licensed and experienced, and well-trained to handle even the toughest of tasks. When you contact Air Tech Pros HVAC Inc., you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is in great hands. Take these 6 common problems and jot them down, so that you’ll know when it is time to call for a heating repair.

What If You Decide to Ignore the Warning Signs?

If you don’t take with you what is mentioned here, then you could be in for elongated and costly repairs. Not knowing or wanting to learn about common problems with your furnace or heating system is so damaging. Unless you want to keep paying for high energy bills, I would look for these problems and make sure your furnace is not dealing with any. Ignoring or putting off a furnace repair will not only increase your chances of starting a fire, but it also means no heat as we try to last through the rest of winter. Learning about these problems will help you make sure your heating issues are taken care of and you will remain comfortable knowing you took the initiative to check it all.

Common Problems Requiring Heating Repair

  1. Faulty Pilot Lights – There’s always a chance that the pilot light could be malfunctioning and produce no heat. In most systems today, there are two types of ignition systems; intermittent pilot light and hot surface ignition. Intermittent pilot lights are electronically controlled but use an electrical spark to ignite the gas pilot light, which then lights the main burners. On the other hand, Hot surface ignition type systems use a resistance heating element that is also electronically controlled in order to light the gas burner.
  2. Broken Fans – If you notice that when the furnace blower turns on and then seems to never turn off, then there might be an issue with the control switch on the fan. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace the limit control switch for the furnace fan.
  3. Defective Blowers – If you’re experiencing issues with your blower motor, then you might find that the furnace is turning on and off too frequently. If this is the case, try using oil to lubricate points on the blower motor with lightweight oil. And if that doesn’t work, then call a professional right away to have the heating repair completed.
  4. Poor Electrical Connections – Over time, vibrations that come from running a furnace can actually lead to loose internal wiring. One wire could eventually get so loose that it’ll begin to short. It can be tedious finding that loose wire as well, but replacing it will easily fix it. If you want to prevent this from happen, have your furnace inspected regularly.
  5. Damaged Coils – The hundreds of tiny little air passages you see in your furnace make up the coils. If for some reason you noticed that the passages are clogged or restricted, then you need to have a heating repair scheduled. Otherwise, the air flow will be restricted and can diminish the efficiency of your furnace.
  6. Clogged Air Filters – The filters in your furnace should be replaced on a monthly basis. There’s no doubt about it. That’s because it will extend the life of the furnace and improve the efficiency of it. Dirty filters reduce airflow making the furnace work harder. If you want clean air circulated through your home at an efficient rate, remember to replace your filters.

Don’t ignore your heating system’s problems, and call Air Tech Pros today for all heating repair services!