HVAC Contractor Gives Helpful Tips on Thermostats

Back in the day thermostats were one of the easiest home appliances to use, according to our HVAC contractor. It didn’t take a lot of effort to change the heat setting or adjust the temperature inside your home. You either put the needle to the left or the right, and parents always kept the thermostats away from children simply because of how easy they were to use. However, things have changed, and our HVAC contractor has some tips on your modern thermostat. Since a lot of the thermostats we see today are either Internet-connected or digitized, it becomes a complicated mechanism for people to manage regularly. With these tips, our HVAC contractor will help you take control over your home’s temperature and your monthly bill.

Why Listen to Air Tech Pros?

Not using your thermostat proactively can cause more problem than you think. Aside from monthly bills, you’ll end up heating your home unevenly without proper management. Here at Air Tech Pros, we understand these circumstances and want to help our customers as much as possible. When it comes to expert advice from Team Air Tech Pros and our HVAC contractor, we know we’ll always have a solution to your problems. Whether it comes down to maintenance, installation, or repair, we strive to bring all our customers high-quality performance and customer service.

Take Advantage of Your Thermostat

Our HVAC contractor states that hot and cold spots can become a real issue within your home if you are unable to manage it effectively. The increase in demand as well can cause a strain on a home heating system, eventually making future repair bills costlier. By taking control over the programmability of your thermostat, you can avoid all these risks. Our HVAC contractor suggests programming your thermostat, that way homeowners can save hundreds of dollars a month in heating.

Don’t Run It If No One’s Home

When everyone in your family is out of the house and gone for a long period, then there’s no reason for you to be running the heat. Not only are you wasting money and spiking up your heating bill, but you’re also wasting a ton of energy at the same time. Our HVAC contractor recommends turning down the dial to about 55 degrees Fahrenheit, that way the home isn’t freezing and you’re not wasting energy too.

Don’t Make It a Competition Between Your Heater and Freezer

When your home is hot throughout the day, your freezer and refrigerator are working two times harder. Our HVAC contractor says that if you keep the house a bit cooler, kind of how you would have it when you’re out of the house, then it will easily translate into more savings. Less electrical demand from cooling appliances means more money in your pocket.

Slowly Adapt to Colder Temperature

If you adjust your thermostat one degree lower each week, you will not only see more savings but your body will also adapt to the colder temperature. This way, you won’t be feeling an abrupt change in temperature and you’ll start to feel more comfortable.

Schedule Your Thermostat

By scheduling your thermostat to certain temperatures throughout the day, you’ll be able to handle your home’s temperature better. For example, our HVAC contractor says people generally sleep better when the environment is cooler. So, try setting the temperature down for the evening and start sleeping better too with a smaller heating bill.

Remember Batteries

Surprisingly enough, people forget to replace their thermostats batteries all the time. Obviously, your thermostat isn’t going to work well if it doesn’t work, so replace the batteries annually and keep your thermostat fresh. I don’t think we need our HVAC contractor to tell you that one…

Get Used to Sweatshirts

Our HVAC contractor says that your heating limit should never get above 68 or 70 degrees during the winter. To deal with a colder temperature, throw on a sweater from time to time and avoid running up the system higher than you need to.

Maintain Your Heating System

People tend to ignore their heating system and the result is expensive heating problems. Maintain your heater and have an HVAC contractor or technician check it at least once a year. Try changing your system filter monthly as well. Just a clean filter alone can go a long way and prolong the life of your heater.

Take control of your thermostat and use these tips from our HVAC contractor—call Air Tech Pros today for high-quality and immediate service!