How to Conduct Furnace Installation in 8 Easy Steps

Furnace installation isn’t just a matter of throwing a new system in your home and plugging it in. Unfortunately, a heating system won’t just magically appear in your home. It takes a real, licensed technician to get the job done. Don’t just think you can attempt it yourself just so you can cut costs. You may wind up putting yourself in danger and causing much more of a mess than you intended. You might be asking yourself, “If a contractor installs it, why do I need to know how it is done?” While you don’t need to understand every finite detail of the process, it is important to have some basic knowledge of the steps. For example, the next time you need a heating system, you won’t be caught off guard when the contractor informs you that the power to the house must be turned off temporarily. As with any issue involving your home, it is a good idea to know what to expect the next time you need a service call. You will be able to interview and hire a reputable contractor who will install it correctly, and be able to quickly identify the signs of a scam. This will save you both time and money on your next furnace replacement, and even prevent you from having to face that possibility for a long time to come. You may never be a technical wizard when it comes to home heating, but learning the furnace installation process will make you a more responsible homeowner.

Why Should You Call Air Tech Pros?

If you want a reliable service company to provide high-quality heating service, please call Air Tech Pros today. We can install a highly-efficient furnace in your home as soon as possible. Our team of licensed, fully-trained technicians are ready to work with you in finding the right heating system for you. They will show up to your home with a fully-stocked truck with all the right tools needed to get the job done. They also excel at providing customer service ensuring your needs are met 100% and follow every step to ensure installation is done correctly. With our help, you won’t have to worry about not having enough heat when it gets cold, and instead have a reliable furnace that can provide warm air for the entire family. Thanks to its highly-efficient and long-lasting performance, you will also save tons of long-term money on utility bills. But best of all, you will have a better understanding of the furnace installation process. With Air Tech Pros, you can count on us to get that process right and take any step necessary in guaranteeing home comfort. It’s our way of ensuring your ultimate satisfaction.

The 8 Steps of Furnace Installation

The installation process can easily be consolidated. If you’re totally unaware of how a technician at Air Tech Pros will install a furnace in your home, please follow these 8 steps:

  1. Map Out Duct Work: The first step your contractor must do is map out the duct work in the house and determine if it is sufficient enough for a new heating system. Sometimes additional duct work may be needed, or adjustments may need to be made to the current duct work.
  2. Determine the Area of Location: You will then to work with your contractor in determining the best location for the heating system. Typically, the best location is either in a basement or mechanical room near the center of your house.
  3. Install the Air Handler: Once a location has been determined, the air handler will be installed, which is a large metal box containing the heating elements. The handler will connect directly to the duct work and regulates the air that is circulated through the duct work ventilation system.
  4. Run the Tubing from the Air Handler to Vent outside the House: Once the air handler has been installed, your contractor will need to run tubing from it to the vent outside of the house. This step circulates air from inside the home to the outside of the home.
  5. Turn off the Power to the Main House: Once the infrastructure of the heating system is in place, the power in your home will need to be temporarily turned off. Since no time is a good time to lose power in your home, it is a good idea to schedule a time that it is the least disruptive for your home and family.
  6. Install the Thermostat: If you are in a situation where you need furnace replacement, your contractor will remove the old thermostat and replace it with one for the new system. First, the base will be attached to the wall, then the new wiring will be connected. Once the body is installed, your new thermostat will be ready to program.
  7. Attach the Gas Line: After installing the thermostat, it’s time to attach the gas line to the furnace. First, the gas line is shut off temporarily and the new connectors fitted on. Once it is attached, your contractor will turn the gas back on and check the fittings to ensure there is no room for gas leaks.
  8. Light the Pilot Light and Turn on the Power: Once all these steps have been completed, your contractor will light the pilot light on your new furnace. The power will be turned on and everything thoroughly checked to ensure it is running properly.

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