6 Common Mistakes Made During a Furnace Tune-Up

A furnace tune-up can keep your furnace running through this winter’s roughest weather. You should make a point to call up your local heating technician to have your furnace tuned up once year so it delivers highly efficient heat for the next 12 months without any worry over heating system breakdowns. However, if you plan on conducting maintenance work on your own time, proceed with caution. Since you are not a licensed professional, you will be much more likely to damage your heating system instead of helping it. Each year, there are plenty of homeowners who think they’ve got just as many skills like the pros, and wind up making their home heating worse than ever before. Failing to maintain home heating properly can lead to all sort of issues including: an increased risk of furnace or flue fires, higher than normal utility bills, unexpected repair costs to correct the problem, inefficient heat, shortened system lifespan, or even a complete furnace failure. Worst of all, you will be risking your personal safety. If you do not know the right safety precautions in getting your heating system fixed, you may risk serious injury. Making mistakes with home heating can be costly, but they are avoidable. All you need to do is practice a little more awareness!

Calling Air Tech Pros for High-Quality Service

If you expect to live comfortably in your home with a reliable furnace, please call Air Tech Pros today for emergency heating service. When you lose heat on a particularly cold night, you can count on us to make sure any problems are fixed as soon as possible. In addition, we can provide an annual furnace tune-up that will ensure even the smallest, hard-to-find problems are fixed in no time so your family can enjoy comforting heat for the next 12 months. We can also ensure your heating system operates safely so it’s not putting your home at risk of heating fires and carbon monoxide. You will also enjoy lower spending on utility and repair bills, as our efforts will successfully prevent furnace breakdowns. With greater money savings and a lesser chance of heating problems, you will be able to live in your home peacefully. A call to Air Tech Pros isn’t just a way to ensure high-quality heat in your home; it’s a one-way ticket for a better peace of mind.

What Heating Mistakes Should You Avoid During a Furnace Tune-Up?

It’s also important for you to do some heating maintenance on your own time but when you do, make sure to avoid these 6 common mistakes:

  1. Filter Change Issues: Your filters should be changed once a month during the fall and winter. Filters can be blocked by dirt and debris, which will block airflow and result in the furnace working harder to produce warm air. If not changed, you may notice higher costs on energy bills for the same amount of heat. Homeowners who don’t change the filters at all will also be shortening system lifespan, heightening the chance of having to seek furnace replacement in the near future.
  2. Replacing Your Furnace: And speaking of furnace replacement, postponing furnace upgrades is not a good way to save money. In most cases, a furnace older than 15 years will run far less efficiently than a newer system and make you spend more on energy bills. Planning to replace an old system before it fails or causes utility bills to skyrocket is an excellent way to get the best value from your home’s furnace.
  3. Buying the Most Cost-Efficient Furnace: If you do seek furnace replacement, don’t make the mistake of buying a system simply because it’s cost-efficient. Cost-efficiency does not equal high-quality. Though you may pay less for installation, that cost-efficient system may turn out to be a nightmare to operate, resulting in frequent system breakdowns.
  4. Disregarding Warning Signs of Trouble: Conducting your own furnace maintenance starts by identifying signs of trouble. However, many homeowners will fail to notice any warning signs, which will only allow them to worsen. You should pay attention to warning signs including: unfamiliar sounds, unpleasant odors, and visual signs like corrosion. If you notice these signs, contact your heating contractor immediately. Attending to these problems can be the best way to prevent spending on costly repair.
  5. Setting Thermostats Too High: During the winter, it can be tempting to turn that thermostat all the way up just to stay warm. Some homeowners believe that doing so will only make the furnace run faster. What they are not realizing is that this will only put more stress on the system and have heat going to rooms that aren’t even in use, resulting in higher heating bills. You should instead keep the thermostat on normal setting and if you are experiencing issues, have a contractor inspect the furnace to determine if it’s properly sized.
  6. Not Following the Manual Instructions: Failing to read or follow manufacturer’s instructions for is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make. Always give yourself time to read before starting any tune-up work. Furnace models, sizes, and fuel types vary greatly and each one will have specific requirements for peak efficiency. This will be clearly stated in the manual for you to follow.
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