7 Questions to Ask a Heating Contractor

A heating contractor will be able to provide high-quality service this fall to satisfy any of your heating needs. However, while there are plenty of great heating contractors available, you need to avoid getting stuck with a bad egg. There are some dishonest contractors out there who are more interested in getting the most money out of you for the lowest quality service. This may mean paying a high price for lower quality heating installation, leaving you with a heating system that will be unable to work properly. You may also receive less-than-durable repairs requiring you to spend even more money on a more effective repair service just to get your system fixed. Some of the most dishonest contractors will even try to get away with installing used parts during replacement. If you want to avoid these horrors, you need to take extra steps in ensuring you are getting nothing but the best. After all, when it comes to ensuring your family’s comfort this fall, you should stop at nothing in finding the right heating contractor guaranteeing 100% that your systems will last you the entire season.

How Can Air Tech Pros Help You?

Fortunately, when you call Air Tech Pros for service, you will not have to deal with an untrustworthy contractor. We have a team of fully-trained and licensed heating contractors available to provide you with any heating service you need. They specialize in dedicated customer service that will always ensure your unique heating needs are met. They can offer a wide range of services including repair, replacement, and installation services. Plus, if you have any burning questions on heating this fall, their years of experience lend them the knowledge to answer in a way that will provide you with greater understanding to your home’s heating system. Simply put, if it means ensuring your home is equipped with high-quality heating this fall, we are always willing to go the extra mile. A comfortable home begins with a phone call to Air Tech Pros.

What Should You Ask Your Heating Contractor?

The next time you want to make sure your heating contractor is trustworthy, please ask any of these 7 questions before any work begins:

  1. May I see your licensing? This should always be one of the first questions you ask. Plenty of contractors will happily provide licensing upon request and it is an immediate red flag when a contractor refuses to do so. Many states in the country also provide websites where you can check for licensing and the qualifications needed to obtain a license in the first place.
  2. How many years of experience do you have? In addition to licensing, you also need to make sure you need a contractor with enough years behind them in the field to provide high-quality furnace repair. A new contractor may be more than willing to take on the job, but their lack of experience in the field may leave them more at risk to make mistakes with your heating system. An experienced contractor will be more likely to provide services, issue-free.
  3. Are you insured? You want to make sure any heating contractor you hire is insured. It is highly important the heating contractor has Workmen’s Compensation if they get injured while on the job. If this is something the contractor lacks, you may be held liable for any injuries on your property. In addition, no Workmen’s Compensation reflects poorly on the heating company itself.
  4. What are your options? At Air Tech Pros, we pride ourselves on offering customers a variety of options for heating service including repair, replacement, and annual servicing. However, please be aware of heating contractors who only boast about one particular service, as they may lead to buying into a product or service you may not even really need.
  5. How can you protect my home? You certainly don’t want to get stuck with a contractor who won’t show any respect to your home, no matter how great their services are. That means they protect the walls, floors and doors of your home with specialized protective equipment. They should leave the home as they found it, although some contractors will try to get away with making a bit of a mess.
  6. What else do you offer? Again, the contractors at Air Tech Pros always go the extra mile for customers to ensure their 100% satisfaction, and part of that is providing them with additional maintenance packages, service guarantees, warrantees, and rebates. While a lack of additional offers is not an immediate sign of a dishonest contractor, you should make sure you are getting your money’s worth.
  7. Are you with an established company? Heating companies with years of history behind them are in service for a reason—they offer consistent, high-quality services. A heating contractor who works for an established company will me much more likely to provide excellent service, especially if they are well-trained. If the contractor comes from a less reputable company, talk to them about their experience and qualifications first.

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