Improve Home Comfort: 7 Warning Signs You Need a New Furnace

If you want to ensure your home is ready for fall, you need to call Air Tech Pros for furnace installation that will guarantee you have a steady flow of heat. Now that summer is over, the weather is soon to cool down and perhaps your current heating system is not performing up to a high level anymore. If you decide to stick with your old system, you may have to prepare yourself for the hassle of repeated furnace breakdowns later in the season. If you just moved into a new home where there is no proper heating system installed, not seeking furnace installation may not make for an enjoyable housewarming party. Either way, a new furnace can mean all the difference in how you enjoy this fall.

If you decide that a new furnace is right for you, please call Air Tech Pros now for service. We can provide you with the latest model of furnace designed to provide high-efficiency, longer-lasting performance. Even when you are unsure on what brand system to install in your home, our heating experts will be more than happy work with you in providing a system that will meet your unique heating needs. Do not just assume you will be able to find the ideal furnace immediately. Allow our team to help you get a system that is worth every dollar.

The Top 7 Signs You Need a Furnace Installation

Not sure if furnace installation is the best move at this time? If so, there are several indicators for you to pick up on around the house. Please call us immediately for furnace installation once you notice any of these 7 warning signs:

  1. Indoor Air Quality Problems: A faulty furnace will allow for dust, mold, and other allergens to permeate through the air in your home. Any member of your household with asthma and other breathing problems may then begin to have a tough time catching a breath of fresh air indoors. Since the health of our customers is one of our top priorities, the team at Air Tech Pros will help you install a new furnace that will run a much lower risk of putting your family’s well-being at stake.
  2. Loud, Unusual Noises: Your furnace will make some slight noises at the most when it is work normally. However, you should be concerned once it begins making crashing, banging, and groaning noises. It may sound like your furnace is ready to combust but do not worry; the situation is not anything close to that extreme. Rather, it is a sign that your furnace’s components can no longer work properly. Instead of spending the money on individual parts, it may be better to replace the system entirely.
  3. Unpleasant Odors: Poor indoor air quality due to your furnace doesn’t just stop with allergens; it may also bring unpleasant odors that will single-handedly detract from your indoor atmosphere. A new furnace emitting gas odors it runs for the first time but if that gas smell persists, you need to call a technician to inspect the problem. Depending on the source of the smells, they could risk bringing harm to the environment and increase your carbon footprint.
  4. Higher Energy Costs: If you are experiencing higher energy costs for seemingly no reason, it is time to call Air Tech Pros to have your furnace inspected. As furnaces age, they have more of a tendency to consume more energy when trying to produce, forcing you to pay more money on bills. New furnaces on the market today can provide you with greater energy efficiency and longer-lasting performance, meaning you will receive high-quality heating for years without worrying about additional energy costs.
  5. Hot and Cold Spots: High-efficiency furnaces are helpful in providing warm air to the rooms of your home that need it the most, like your living room. However, as your furnace ages, it will become more common to experience hot and cold spots throughout your home. Inconsistent heating can throw off the level of comfort in your home considerably, and it is certainly not what you want to experience when the fall starts bringing chillier weather. Replacing now will guarantee you do not experience the unpleasant sensation of room-by-room temperature change.
  6. Frequent Furnace Breakdowns: Your furnace could be breaking down due to a wide variety of reasons including faulty wiring, a broken fan motor, or even pilot light issues. Regardless, this means inconsistent heating during the fall and winter, leaving you without reliable heat at various points during each season’s coldest nights. Worse, when these breakdowns occur frequently, it leaves you calling for repair service and gearing your savings toward keeping your furnace working. However, you should not let the repair bills build up and instead call us to install a new furnace instead that is guarantee to not experience a breakdown for a long time to come.
  7. Condensation Leaks: So you may be scratching your head and saying to yourself, “Condensation leaks? From my furnace?” but if you own a high-efficiency gas furnace, it is more than likely to be true. These furnaces use cool exhaust that will create condensation once they start running. The condenser line in these systems may eventually become blocked or clogged, leading to moisture seeping out from the furnace itself. If you do not want to deal with that mess to go alongside your other furnace-related issues, you should make the switch to a standard efficiency furnace instead. It will not use cool exhaust and you will not have to go through the additional trouble of cleaning up any leakage.

The key to receiving quick installation service is quickly identifying any of these signs. Once you are spotting warning signs like a professional, you will be able to call for service and guarantee you have a brand new furnace installed in your home as soon as possible. But whatever you do, do not simply postpone furnace install until a later date. With cooler temperatures, you cannot accept anything less than high-quality heating.

Contact Air Tech Pros today for high-quality furnace installation today that will make your home fully-prepared for the fall!