4 Common Air Conditioning Problems in Citrus Heights, CA and How to Fix Them

With temperatures currently the hottest they’ll ever be all year, you can’t allow any air conditioning problems in Citrus Heights, CA to linger. One small problem can grow into something much worse that will allow the Californian summertime heat to overtake your home. They need to be fixed immediately, or else you may have to prepare turning your home into a giant pressure cooker.

Fortunately, the team at Air Tech Pros is here to save your summer, by ensuring all those air conditioning problems in Citrus Heights, CA are solved immediately. We want all of our customers to enjoy a high-level of cooling this summer, and we’re more than willing to bring your level of home comfort to new heights.

How Can You Fix These Air Conditioning Problems in Citrus Heights, CA?

While there is certainly a lot that can go wrong with your air conditioning, we generally find the most common to be:

  1. Poor Air Flow: Perhaps you turned on your cooling system for the first time this season and felt as if you weren’t getting the same level of air flow quite like you did before. Air flow is everything to your air conditioning but when it’s blocked in any way, it can decrease efficiency and not provide you with the level of comfort needed to stay cool. What You Should Do: Change the air filters regularly. Though filters can become blocked with dirt and debris, changing them prevent your air conditioning from working harder than necessary to produce cool air.
  2. Strange Noises: Your air conditioning may begin to make squealing, squeaking, and grinding noises. While air flow may not be interrupted, the noises can be disruptive and lead you to believe your air conditioning is on the verge of disaster. What You Should Do: The solution may be easy like tightening a loose screw. However, it may require professional attention if it involves replacing the motor or the fan, which will cost you some money.
  3. Moisture around the AC: You may start noticing puddles forming around the area of your cooling system. The moisture is indicative of a leak somewhere within the system. Depending on the severity of the leak, it may result in water damage or disrupt the performance of your air conditioning altogether. What You Should Do: The leak may be due to a clogged condenser tube, which will require you to inspect the tube itself and remove any blockage. However, the leak may not necessarily be water but rather refrigerant. A refrigerant leak should instead be handled by a professional who will know the right safety precautions.
  4. Air Conditioning Not Turning On: So you go to turn on your air conditioning and it, well, doesn’t turn on at all. Well, the good news here is that it’s not an immediate sign that you need to replace the system entirely. However, you’re still not getting cool air and that’s more than enough reason to be concerned. What You Should Do: The problem may come down to your thermostat not being set to “cool” or its battery needs to be replaced. The other possibility is poor electrical connections, most likely a trip in your circuit breaker. A professional can inspect your electrical connections and take the safety precautions in restoring them.

Contact Air Tech Pros if you need further help with any of these air conditioning problems in Citrus Heights, CA and our highly-trained technicians will gladly provide assistance!