3 Reasons to Consider Heat Pump Replacement in Sacramento

If you’re lucky, your heat pump will last a decade or more. Routine maintenance should be done regularly but quick adjustments and repairs will enable any appliance to last for the duration of its expected operating life. At some point, any heat pump will start needing more frequent repairs. Here are three reasons why you should think about heat pump replacement in Sacramento sooner rather than later.

  1. Avoid Frequent Breakdowns: Every time you have to get your heat pump fixed, it means you won’t have a comfortable indoor environment for an unknown length of time. This is an unnerving pattern. Especially if you have to fix it more than twice a year. Getting in touch with and waiting for a repair technician can require altering your schedule. Frequent repair calls also signal more pressing issues, such as your heat pump being about to break down completely. By replacing the appliance, you have the advantage of a new system that will be reliable. You won’t have unexpected breakdowns, or at least not as frequently, and will have some peace of mind. The system will cost something, but savings on many repairs can eventually offset that.
  2. Savings on Energy Bills: Energy prices are increasing across the board. If you see inexplicable rises in your monthly bill, however, it can be due to a loss of efficiency in your heat pump. A tune up might fix the problem. As a heat pump ages, even more frequent inspections may not due the trick. You’ll save on energy bills just by getting a newer, more efficient system that is up to modern standards.
  3. Added Comfort: Older heating systems do not do a good job at evenly distributing cool or warm air. Some rooms might be cold, while others warmer. That can be a sign of an impending breakdown or failure. An experienced technician can advise you on the best course of action. A sign of a heat pump problem is also an issue with indoor humidity. The only solution is often to have it replaced. When the unit is passed its expected service life, additional repairs may not be practical.

If you stand to benefit in any of these three ways, heat pump replacement in Sacramento is the way to go. A contractor from Air Tech will take a look at your system. If more fixes and tune ups are not advised, you should get a new unit that is designed to current efficiency standards. Contact us today for expert advice and support to help you live better and save.