3 Secrets You Should Know Your Air Conditioner Unit in Citrus Heights, CA

You know what they say about secrets, right? How they’re all revealed with time? Well, now is the time to reveal some secrets with your air conditioner unit in Citrus Heights, CA. Yes, your air conditioner. It may be your most reliable source for cool air and comfort, but it’s possible there are a few important things you may not know about it. We’re not suggesting your most trusted cooling system has some skeletons in its past or anything. We’re talking about secrets that will only make you use your air conditioner unit more effectively so you are getting your money’s worth on home cooling.

All too often, homeowners don’t learn those secrets until it’s much too late, when they’re usually replacing their air conditioner unit in Citrus Heights, CA with a new one due to a lack of maintenance. But the team at Air Tech Pros wants you to really get the most of your cooling system in ways you may have not even have realized before. Now that it’s summer, you need to make sure you’re getting the best cooling possible, and that’s why we’re always ready to provide you with service that ensures the highest level of comfort in your home.

What Should You Know About Your Air Conditioner Unit in Citrus Heights, CA?

If you want to improve your air conditioner unit this summer, we’ll let you in on a few details, including:

  1. It’s All About Location: You can’t really install an air conditioner just anywhere, can you? Location is everything. If you want to ensure the best performance out of your cooling system, consider installing in cooler, shadier area of your home so it’s directly away from sunlight, preferably on the northern side of your house. If not, the sensor on your system will think it’s hotter than in reality and force itself to work even harder in producing cool air.
  2. Big Does Not Always Mean Best: Okay, so you’re looking for a new air conditioner unit, right? And you think that getting the largest system would be the best move. But, hold on. Don’t be so eager. While it may be tempting to immediately gravitate toward a larger system, the truth is that it may not be right for you within regards to your cooling needs. Plus, you may not even have space in your home at all for it. In this situation, it’s always better to refer to a professional who can guide you in the decision-making process so you’re getting the system that meets your cooling needs exactly.
  3. Different AC Noises Mean Different Issues: Any loud noises with your air conditioner units is means to call for professional inspection, but did you know different types of noises could be indicative of different types of air conditioner issues? For example, squealing noises can be indicative of belt or motor bearing problems, while a rattling or thumping noises will indicate a problem with the blower assembly or motor. Repeated licking noises are indicative of the system frequently between cycling on and off. Knowing the difference between noises will allow you to communicate the problem to a professional.

Contact Air Tech Pros today if you want to learn more uncovered facts about your air conditioner unit in Citrus Heights, CA. When the summertime weather is at its warmest, you need to know how to make your system work to the best of its abilities.