Duct Cleaning in Sacramento: 5 Tips for Homeowners

Having a working HVAC system in your home is only half the battle if your ducts aren’t in a row. Dirty air ducts in your home can cause headaches ranging from the stress of higher energy bills due to inefficiency, to the cause of a physical headache due to allergens spread throughout your home through your air ducts. Duct cleaning in Sacramento, CA is an important step homeowners need to take to keep their homes clean and efficient. Below are 5 tips for homeowners attempting to clean the ducts in their Sacramento home.

  1. Always Turn the System Off: If you’re going to be working in the air ducts of your home, make sure to turn the HVAC system off. It can be quite frustrating if you’re in the middle of duct cleaning, removing dust and debris, then having a blast of air push all those loose particles into your face.
  2. Wear Gloves: When you’re duct cleaning, it’s smart to wear gloves to protect your hands from any harmful or exceptionally gross debris that has accumulated in the ducts over the years. Additionally, gloves can help protect your hands if you come across any sharp edges while cleaning.
  3. Vacuum and Wipe: Once you’ve opened the ducts and are ready to begin cleaning, use a vacuum to clear out any debris you see in the duct. Once the larger debris has been cleared, use a wet rag to wipe down the ducts to clean them as effectively as possible.
  4. Look for Mold: When you’re duct cleaning, always be on the lookout for mold in your ducts. Accumulation of mold is not only disgusting, but can also be hazardous to the health of those living in your home. Spores from certain types of mold can cause respiratory issues, especially in young children and the elderly. Keeping your ducts clear of mold will help alleviate these issues in your home.
  5. Call a Professional: If your duct cleaning job seems too big to handle, you come across an issue or find an exceptionally large buildup of mold, calling in a professional is the right move. Trained for any situation, a professional company like Air Tech Pros can have the ducts in your Sacramento home safely cleaned in no time.

Duct cleaning in Sacramento, CA should be on the to-do list for any homeowner with an HVAC system and can easily be completed by homeowners on their own. However, when the job is too bi to handle call Air Tech Pros to clear the air in your home.