Why Should You Consider Duct Cleaning in Placerville This Spring?

Dust and dander collect on carpets, furniture, and surfaces all over the home. If you have heating and cooling ducts, there’s no reason to think it isn’t collecting there too. Contaminants might be piling up inside the ducts as you read this.

The results include reductions in efficiency and the dust, dander, and particles being recirculated back into the air. Chances are you’ve been sitting around all winter, adding to the mix without knowing it. The ductwork probably hasn’t been serviced in a while if you’re like most homeowners. Spring is the perfect time to consider duct cleaning in Placerville.

Why Get Your Ducts Cleaned in Spring

  1. An average household can accumulate as much as 40 pounds of dust in a year. Aside from looking unsightly, dust can be bad for health conditions such as allergies.
  2. Many homes have ducts that haven’t been cleaned in years. The buildup might be more than you think and include particles that contaminate the air you breathe.
  3. Dusty ducts reduce the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. The efficiency impacts can cause you to spend more on utility bills. Also, the strain on the system can reduce its life span and you’ll have to invest in costly replacements much sooner.
  4. Dirty ducts often lead to dustier furniture. Professional service may actually cut down on the amount of dust particles in the air.
  5. Air ducts with lots of dust and dirt are more appealing to bugs and even small rodents.
  6. If you’ve recently done some remodeling, dust and contaminating particles probably have been shaken up. These can quickly fill up the air ducts so cleaning them is a good idea.
  7. New furnace installations can rustle up particles as well, so the installation should be accompanied by professional duct cleaning in Placerville.

Duct cleaning is a necessary task because clean ductwork is essentially the prerequisite for having fresh air at home. The air in a house is constantly being recirculated. Even though you don’t normally see the ducts or what’s inside, they have a profound impact on your quality of life and health.

In addition, spring allergies will only be worse if you have dusty air. Now is a great time for a duct spring cleaning because you’ll lessen the effects of dust, pollen, and even mold or bacteria. Air Tech Pros employs licensed experts in the field. Contact us today for duct cleaning in Placerville that will leave you with fresh air to breathe at home instead of dusty air filled with particles, pollutants, and allergens.