5 Warning Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair in Placerville, CA

Looking after your home’s heating system is key to comfortable living. That’s why we always advise familiarizing yourself with the warning signs you need heat pump repair in Placerville.

You Need Heat Pump Repair in Placerville When….

When it comes to heat pumps, some repairs are more common than others. What follows are five warnings you can expect to see sometime during the lifetime of your heat pump.

  1. Increased humidity. One of the early signs your heat pump needs some TLC is rising humidity. A properly functioning heat pump will decrease the amount of humidity in the air as a part of the process to increase the air quality. So unless the weather is unusually humid, increased indoor humidity should set of some alarm bells.
  2. Short and frequent cycle times. A well-maintained heat pump should only power up when the thermostat signals it’s necessary. If you notice more frequent, shorter cycle times, it indicates a problem.
  3. Increased heating bills. If you’re not consciously consuming more energy (by setting the thermostat to a higher temperature, for example) and your energy bills are increasing, then your heat pump isn’t functioning as efficiently as it should.
  4. Unusual noises. Every type of heating system makes noises, and you get used to them after a while. However, if your heat pump is making strange noises, loud ones or both, then you’ve got a problem. Examples are clanging sounds, squeaky noises, tapping sounds, etc.
  5. Failure to turn on. Your heat pump should come on automatically when triggered by the thermostat. If it fails to turn on, then you should see if you can turn it on manually. If you can’t, or if the problem persists, you need to call a heating specialist.
Air Tech Pros: The Go-To Guys for Heat Pump Repair in Placerville

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