Sacramento Heating Repair: How Can You Solve These 3 Common Heating Problems?

Heating problems can bring an end to anyone’s good time, and you may need Sacramento heating repair sooner than you realize. It’s important to identify all the things that can go wrong with heating so you know exactly what to do to stop them. The last thing you want this season is to experience a problem with your heating system out of nowhere and totally be unable to fix it. Besides, can you imagine getting stuck without heating on a particularly chilly night? You may be clinging onto those sweaters and blankets a little more often, and you may have trouble sleeping during the night without comforting heat!

If you’re ever in doubt on how to fix common heating problems, give a call to the team at Air Tech Pros. We can ensure your heating is back up and running to the best of its abilities. Our team is comprised of professionals who have years of experience that lends itself greatly to giving customers advice on how to handle the most common plumbing problems. We can teach you simple DIY fixes so you can take a stand against heating problems!

3 Common Types of Sacramento Heating Repair

Want to know how to solve simple heating concerns? Take a look and see if these 3 problems seem familiar to you:

Malfunctioning Thermostat: It can be a real bummer when your thermostat isn’t working, mainly because it is responsible for establishing a greater sense of temperature control. Reasons for thermostat failure include poor or faulty wiring, poor home placement, or problems with the thermostats heat anticipator.

How to Solve: Check your home’s electrical connections and note any loose or corroded wiring. If your thermostat seems damaged beyond repair, call up a professional for replacement.

Furnace Heating Problems: Is your furnace doing the exact opposite of what it’s designed? The root of the problem can be ignition problems, inadequate gas supply, major duct problems, or a condensation clog. Instead of heating, you may get a blast of cool air instead!

How to Solve: Relight the pilot light. If it refuses to light, check the furnace’s gas valve to see if it’s on and gas is steadily flowing to the furnace.

High Cost of Heating Bills: Higher energy bills a sign you’re using more energy than you intended. It may get bitterly cold during the winter, but relying on your furnace all the time will only allow the costs of your heating bills skyrocket beyond belief.

How to Solve: Use alternative ways to heat your home, including using a ceiling fan or simply opening up the curtains in your home to allow the sunshine in for free heat.

Contact Air Tech Pros today for Sacramento heating repair if you’re experiencing any of these 3 problems!