4 Tips to Ensure Better Indoor Air Quality in Placerville, CA

Just because the smoke and smog of Los Angeles is over 400 miles away, doesn’t mean Placerville residents are free from all pollutants. In fact, some studies suggest that poor indoor air quality can be just as, if not more, hazardous to a person’s health than a polluted outdoor air. Homes can accumulate dust, mold and mildew, and pet dander. Most people blame their allergies on dandelions and wildflowers, when the culprit could be your own home.

Thankfully, there are a number of tips to ensure better indoor air quality in your Placerville home.

  1. Air-filtering Plants. Trees are vital to our planet’s health and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in our ozone layer. While planting a tree inside your home is not practical, (although not impossible http://www.houzz.com/tree-inside-house), bringing air-filtering potted plants into your home is one way to improve the overall air quality. Certain household plants such as peace lilies and English ivy, help remove CO2 from the air as well as toxins created by paints, lacquers and adhesives.
  2. Humidity. If you want to improve the air quality in your Placerville home, it’s best to keep the humidity between 30 percent and 50 percent. Doing so will inhibit mold and mildew growth. It might be tempting to reduce humidity in your home down to even lower levels, but having too low a humidity can damage the wooden furniture in your home as well as cause bloody noses and dry scratchy throats.
  3. Open Some Windows. A fresh breeze can work wonders in your home. On warm sunny days with low outdoor humidity, let nature lend a helping hand by breaking up the stale air in your home. It won’t take long to feel the indoor humidity levels going down as well.
  4. Clean the Ducts. Keeping your heating and cooling ducts clean can help improve the air quality in your Placerville home. As your heating and cooling units circulate air around your home, dust particles, pollen and pet dander travel along the ductwork. Various grade filters help to reduce the amount allergens, but over time they too need to be cleaned and replaced.

If your not sure about the air quality in your Placerville home, call Air Tech Pros today. We can assess if your home needs simple fixes like an ac or thermostat repair to more substantial solutions such as an HVAC system upgrade. Regardless of the need, Team Air Tech Pros is ready to help.