How Can You Know If Your Home is Ready for Solar Energy in Placerville?

Too many homeowners in Placerville simply don’t know how much money they could be saving with solar energy. Many of them think solar power is for more advanced homes or simply a higher pay bracket – but most of the time, they’re wrong.

At Air Tech Pros HVAC, our Placerville experts want to show you just how likely it is that you’re home is ready to switch to solar power this year so you can start saving on your energy bills every month!

Is your home ready to switch to solar energy? Take a look at this 5 step checklist designed by the solar specialists at Air Tech Pros to see if solar energy is right for you!

5 Signs It’s Time to Switch to Solar Energy in Placerville

Everyone knows that solar panels harness the power of the sun for the appliances in your home, such as your air conditioning system in the summer and your heating in the winter. But did you know that solar panel installation is more affordable than ever now, thanks to federal rebates and opportunities for financing?

If you check all of the following boxes, it really is time to start considering this alternative energy source for your home:

  • You Pay too Much for Electricity – Most homeowners in California can relate to this simple fact: operating an air conditioner in your home during the summer months can make your electricity bills double. Why try to work against the hot CA sun when you could be on the same team?
  • You Apply for Federal Tax Credit – Installing solar panels on your roof can save you money in more ways than one. Did you know that homeowners in California could receive 30% of their money back from the government just for having the installation done? Note: this tax credit ends in 2016, so act fast!
  • You May Sell Your Home Soon – Sure, it’s important to enjoy the benefits of solar energy for you and your family, but solar panels are also a great idea if you’re looking for an easy way to dramatically improve the value of your home.
  • You Have Reputable Credit – There are no barriers to entry when it comes to solar energy, but it certainly helps to have a decent credit score. You can apply for financing through Air Tech Pros and pay for your installation in manageable monthly installments with 0% interest – find out if you qualify today!
  • You Want to Do Your Part for the Environment – As the energy conservation movement picks up speed, homeowners are being called upon to do their part. Placerville can be a greener city with your help!

Don’t wait – call the Air Tech Pros for a Placerville solar energy consultation today!