Top 5 Myths About Solar Energy in Sacramento

So you’re considering alternative energy to power the heating and air system in your home. The first place most people in sunny California will look is into solar energy – and well you should! For many homeowners, solar powered HVAC can be the key to a greener and more affordable home.

But as you’re researching, please know that there’s a great deal of misinformation out there surrounding solar power. Know your sources, and always trust the experts at Air Tech Pros! Our fully licensed HVAC technicians will help you with an in-home solar consultation – we’re Sacramento’s go-to solar experts!

It’s still a relatively new system, and even though hundreds of Americans are going solar every year, the better part of the country still believes these solar energy myths.

We’re Shining a Light on Sacramento Solar Energy

Beware of misinformation – get your facts straight from the pros!

Here are a few common misconceptions and flat-out falsehoods surrounding solar energy in the modern market:

  • Solar is Too Expensive for Average Homeowners – The price of the installation may seem like a barrier to entry, but when you consider the many rebates available from the state and solar contractors, the availability of great financing through Air Tech Pros, and the fact that a solar energy investment will pay for itself in savings within just a few years, it’s really not unreasonable at all. Have an Air Tech Pros professional offer you an up-front quote on installation today!
  • It Requires “Southern Roof Exposure” – In the past, solar energy systems needed to be positioned just right for maximum efficiency and consistent power. However, today’s systems work just as well with East and West facing roofs!
  • Panels Need to Be Regularly Maintained – Once again, some of the older solar energy systems needed semi-annual maintenance, but this is no longer the case. Solar panels are built to withstand the elements – plus, they come with 25 year warranties. Modern solar power is truly built to last.
  • Solar Power Doesn’t Work on Cloudy Days – When you go to the beach, even if it’s overcast, you should always put on sunscreen. This is because UV rays are not actually blocked by the clouds, and they can still give you a nice tan – or a burn. Harnessing the power of solar works the same way: even on days when the sun doesn’t show its face, you’ll still have plenty of UV-powered energy.
  • A Solar System is an Eyesore – Today’s solar panels designed just like seamless shingles, making for a modern and aesthetic new look.

Ready to join the solar power revolution? Call Air Tech Pros for a consultation on how to power your heating and AC with solar energy today!