Indoor Air Quality in Sacramento: 3 Weatherization Tips

Preserving a high level of indoor air quality in Sacramento this fall is a must if you want to keep you and your family breathing in fresh, clean air. Though California remains warm throughout the fall, humidity levels will drop, leaving room for dry air to filter through your home. Dry air can lead to consequences including bloody noses, itchy throats, skin irritation, and even your wooden furniture will begin to crack. This can also lead to asthma and allergy sufferers coughing like crazy, due to heightened levels of allergens.

If you want to ensure greater indoor air quality in Sacramento this fall and winter, Air Tech Pros offers weatherization installation to make sure you indoor air remains at an all-tine high. Weatherization will help you withstand temperature changes and save you money on monthly utility bills. Our weatherization services include caulking and weatherstripping windows to seal up any air leaks, as well as window shade installation.

How Can You Secure Indoor Air Quality in Sacramento?

Fortunately, there’s a few things you can do to ensure better air quality in your home. If you’re a more free-spirited homeowner who wants to take charge with your home’s indoor air, here are 3 weatherization tips:

  1. Turn Down the Water Heater Temperature: While you definitely want hot water as the temperatures begin to cool, it’s better to turn down the temperature of your water heater. This guarantees your water heater will use less energy to heat up water, and also makes sure your water won’t verge on scorching. The decreased water heater temperature will also save you money on energy bills.
  2. Run Ceiling Fan in Reverse: During the fall and winter, it’s better to run your ceiling fan in reverse. Since heat rises in the ceiling of your home, running the fan in reverse when it’s cooler outside will push warm air near the ceiling and down to where you are sitting. This will give you a better flow of warmer air in your home.
  3. Be Cautious of Light Sources: When weatherizing your home, be careful of the location of your light sources. Always make sure the location is reachable such as on desks, nightstands, or in your favorite place in your home to relax. This can help you cut down on the usage of lighting in your home and save you money on electricity bills by not having four lights on just to keep your home bright.

Contact Air Tech Pros today to learn more about indoor air quality in Sacramento and how you can better weatherize your home!