The Energy Upgrade California Program is Improving AC Systems in Sacramento

If you live in the Sacramento area, then you’ll most definitely want to get the scoop on the Energy Upgrade California Program. There’s a good reason California maintains its status as the Golden State, and it’s largely due to its natural beauty, alluring coastline, and sunshine. But with climate change inching closer to the horizon, what makes California so great could suddenly vanish without a trace. The Energy Upgrade California Program aims to save energy and keep California golden.

Air Tech Pros is happy to work with Energy Upgrade California Program to improve AC systems across Sacramento. An AC system should keep Sacramento residents cool, but there is always room to improve its energy efficiency to keep climate change at bay. We want California to stay beautiful too, and we’d like our customers to do the same!

How Can the Energy Upgrade California Program Improve Your AC?

AC systems have come a long way with energy efficiency over the years, and they’re only getting better! Thanks to our collaboration with the Energy Upgrade California Program, here’s what improvements you can expect from AC systems:

  • Lower Costs on Energy Bills: AC systems of the past could seriously rack up the costs of those energy bills due to more of a reliance on energy. However, improved AC systems ensure energy and cost efficiency, saving just as much money as they do energy. Air Tech Pros and Energy Upgrade California Program agree that cool air shouldn’t come at the expense of cool air, which is why we aim to lower energy bills for good.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Climate change is a huge deal now, and something you should be concerned about if you want California to maintain its comfortable sunshiny vibe. All the facts show the environment is suffering due to a collective waste of energy, and improved AC systems are just one step toward making it great again with environmentally safe innovations including two-stage compressors and programmable thermostats.
  • Quality Comfort: Above all else, improved AC systems in Sacramento are guaranteeing quality comfort for all residents. It’s comforting to receive a blast of cool air from your AC, especially when the weather is hot. However, it’s even more comforting to receive a blast of cool air while knowing you’re saving more energy than you would’ve if you had an older AC system.

Call Air Tech Pros now to learn more about our partnership with the Energy Upgrade California Program. We’re saving energy one AC system!