Air Conditioning Service in Placerville: Why to Always Trust the Pros

When it comes to dealing with maintenance repairs, like air conditioning service for your Placerville home, parting with your hard earned money can be difficult.

No one can see that your refrigerant is at an optimum level, or that your thermostat sensor functioning properly.

However, when you call an HVAC professional with knowledge and experience, like the team at Air Tech Pros, you can feel confident that your air conditioner will be in working order.

Why call a professional for air conditioning service in Placerville when I can save money do it myself?

If your AC unit still under warranty, doing work yourself might void your coverage. Many companies require some level of regular maintenance in order for the warranty stay active and hiring a Placerville air conditioning service professional ensures you have a paper trail in the event of a major component malfunction.

How do I know the service is really necessary and not just a reason to charge me more?

This is a difficult situation to be in. There are some individuals who claim to provide quality air conditioning service in Placerville that are unscrupulous. Arming yourself with a little knowledge will help keep you and your checkbook safe.

  1. Weak or poor air circulation. This might be the result of a dirty air filter. They can be cleaned although sometimes replacement is required. Your ac unit might also have clogged drains.
  2. The air isn’t cold. If there air isn’t getting cold the condensers or compressor might be broken. The technician providing air conditioning service in your Placerville home might recommend replacing your entire AC unit is this is the problem.
  3. Won’t stay on/turn on. If your air conditioner doesn’t seem to stay on or turns on it might have been install incorrectly or something has caused the wiring to fail. The circuit breaker might need to be replaced as well.

An AC unit is an investment and when maintained with professional air conditioning service in Placerville, should help keep your family cool, comfortable and healthy for a long time.