AC Repair in Placerville: The 3 Most Common Reasons for AC Failure

Our licensed and insured air conditioning pros at Air Tech Pros provide AC repair services in Placerville that will restore your home and family back to a healthy and cool lifestyle. Electing to hire our technicians to execute annual maintenance checks of your AC system will help prevent possible future disasters as our knowledge will enable us to pick out any troublemakers.

We’d like to share with you the 3 most common reasons for air conditioning failure that we’ve seen in our travels.

  1. Your Refrigerant is Leaking. To maintain a functioning AC system, your refrigerant needs to be sustained at the proper level. So if you notice a leak, please call our AC experts right away as refrigerant is dangerous, detrimental to the environment, and must be fixed and recharged by a licensed professional.
  2. Broken Thermostat, Fuse or Circuit Breaker. These components are the most common culprits of an AC system breakdown. If your AC unit is constantly turning on and off, or failing to work at all, it might be that thermostat is unrepairable. Shop the market for the best digital thermostats out there. Remote-controlled models may help you regulate your AC system better. Make sure to also check your circuit breaker or fuse. Give your AC system a sort of restart by shutting it down 15 minutes to give it a chance to cool down. If that doesn’t work, the limit switch may have been tripped and it’s time to call our AC professionals to come take a peek!
  3. Flawed Fan Blades, Compressors or Electrical Connections. These issues can usually be prevented by normal, annual maintenance. With a simple inspection of your AC system once a year, our licensed AC technicians will be able to spot potential issues before they grow, such as cleaning your AC coils. Annual check-ups may be written into your warranties, so neglecting them could cost you in the end.

Contact our air conditioning specialists at Air Tech Pros today for any questions and all the AC repair services you need in Placerville!