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California is known for its hot, dry summers. There are plenty of things you can do to escape the heat, like diving into a swimming pool or relaxing under the shade of a big patio umbrella. However, above all else, you should equip your home with cooling that will give you and your family quality indoor air around the clock. Make no mistake, the summertime heat isn’t something to take lightly, so it’s best you find a service that will install an AC at a fair, affordable price.

And luckily, for all residents, that service is Air Tech Pros. Not only do we install your home with an AC of the highest quality, we also offer up special deals to make sure you’re getting more for your hard-earned dollar. Here’s what our AC Tune Up n can do for you:

  • Top-Notch AC Tune Ups
  • Cool Air in Your Home
  • PG&E & SMUD Approved Contractor
  • Rebates & Special Deals to Save Money
  • Financing Available

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Our technicians are the most experienced local AC installers on the market. They offer unlimited 24/7 in-house service, even during an emergency situation, to make sure your home is equipped with the most efficient AC today. Our technicians will also think outside the box to install your AC in regards to the design or layout of your home.

Not to mention, they’ll get the job done in the quickest time possible…and estimates on replacements are free!


Nothing can beat the sensation of walking into your home after a long, hot day at work and greeted by a blast of cool air. When you receive an AC installation from Air Tech Pros, you can experience this sensation all summer long! We only install the most powerful, enduring cooling technology that will keep you happy!


In addition to installing quality AC, Air Tech Pros aims to give you cooling in your home at a fair price that won’t leave you feeling broke. We understand your money is precious and AC installation can sometimes be expensive, so we’re always open to arranging payment plans that best fit your financial situation.

Special discounts change on a regular basis, so make sure to visit our specials page to see new deals!

Contact Air Tech Pros for all AC Tune UpS. We offer 24/7 service, so you can call for installation at any time!

Don’t pack up your cooling system for the year just yet! It’s not too late to get AC service in Sacramento, especially with temperatures in California remaining high all through September! The season may change, and the temperatures will dip eventually, but the weather forecast is saying you may need to rely on your AC for fall’s early weeks. No matter if you need repair, replacement, or installation, do whatever you have to do to ensure quality cooling in your home, even if may not be for that much longer. Plus, maintaining your cooling system will prepare you when temperatures begin to rise to record-highs again.

The AC technicians at Air Tech Pros never stop offering AC service in Sacramento. We understand our customers have basic needs to be met, which is why we offer cooling service for a longer period of time than your average AC service. Looking for extensive AC repair? Looking to install the latest model? Then don’t worry, because Air Tech Pros won’t leave you without cool air!

Why Should You Get AC Service in Sacramento?

Fall is a pretty amazing season, no matter where you live in the country. But in Sacramento, if you’re left without cool air for a few September scorchers, your fun time during the fall can be ruined. Here’s how our AC service in Sacramento can make your fall even better:

  • Durable Repair: Experiencing problems with your filter, motor, or coils? Then it’s important to call Air Tech Pros for AC service as we offer the most durable repair on your AC to keep it working for a long time to come. When our AC technicians do work on your AC, you’re guaranteed a longer lifespan for your AC and lower costs on repair bills in the future.
  • Maintenance Checks: You should have your AC maintained by a professional at least annually, preferably before the summer begins. However, there may be the possibility that you missed out on the perfect time to get it done. But that’s okay! Our AC technicians can still give your AC a maintenance check so it’s free of any problems and ready to go for the remainder of the year!
  • Installation of the Latest Models: Your AC may have worked well the entire summer, even during Sacramento’s roughest heatwaves, but there’s still a chance you may need a new, more efficient AC to survive the next few weeks, especially if your AC is too old or beyond repair. Air Tech Pros installs the latest AC models guaranteed to deliver higher efficiency and lower costs on utility bills.

Contact Air Tech Pros today to get AC service in Sacramento. Summer may end, but we’ll never stop serving year-round!