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Heating System Maintenance

You should undergo heating system maintenance once a year. Unfortunately, too many people forego annual maintenance and allow their heating system to suffer in the process. There are plenty of things that could leave your heating system susceptible to a wide range of problems. A maintenance check is important in identifying any problem with your heating system, no matter how major or minor. Though you may not even consider maintenance as an option, it is absolutely essential for all homeowners.

Luckily, Air Tech Pros is ready to conduct a maintenance check for your heating system. Our technicians will inspect your heating system at all angles and run tests to make sure it is running to the best of its abilities. We want you to avoid heating system failures at every turn, and the best way you can ensure quality performance is with our maintenance service. Here’s how our heating system maintenance can help you:

You Will Save Money

If you neglect your heating system and don’t undergo a maintenance check, problems with your heating system can build up to the point where you’re spending an unjust amount of money on repairs. We believe you shouldn’t have to spend a huge sum of cash on basic heating. A maintenance check can eliminate problems with your heating system before they get out of hand. Our technicians will spot anything that seems suspect and could potentially harm the performance of your heating system. Think of us as the early birds who will catch the worm!

Maintenance Agreements Benefitting You

When you enlist the service of Air Tech Pros for maintenance services, we’ll arrange a maintenance agreement between you and our technicians that gives you routine service year-round for an annual fee. With our maintenance agreement, you receive priority customer service, lower energy bills, improved capacity, and more. At Air Tech Pros, we want you to get the most out of our service and receive benefits extending beyond our maintenance. You can also refer to the maintenance agreement for all future repairs and installation!

Great, Flexible Scheduling

Our technicians work around the clock so you can schedule maintenance at a time that works best for you. Our customers have vastly different schedules, and our technicians do their best to adjust to all of them. Unlike other maintenance services, Air Tech Pros aims to fit in with your schedule. We also offer 24/7 emergency services when you need a maintenance check immediately.

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Tune Up

Air Tech Pros offers unbeatable AC maintenance that will make sure your AC is running all summer long. An annual AC Tune Up is important to rid your system of any bugs or glitches that prevent it from delivering consistent cool air to you and your family. Refusal to get a maintenance check could result in big problems for your AC. Normal wear and tear could worsen, wiring could become faulty, and filters could become cluttered. These problems can only cost you more money in repairs down the road, so a regular AC tune-up will nip potential problems in the bud.

Our technicians offer the best AC tune up. They’ll inspect your AC to make sure it’s equipped with the proper wiring and fluids to keep the cool air blasting.

Here’s how our AC maintenance services can benefit you:

Flexible Scheduling

Are you done dealing with AC services that are always seemingly booked and only operate on a 9 to 5 schedule? Well, Air Tech Pros isn’t just your ordinary AC service, because our technicians will do their best to meet with you at a time that benefits you whether it be rain or shine, night or day, dawn or dusk. At Air Tech Pros, we aim to fit in with your schedule. After all, California is filled with people of vastly different occupations and lifestyles. Not everybody operates on the same clock, and our technicians understand this better than anyone else.

Quality Maintenance Agreements

We also offer maintenance agreements that will provide you with several benefits. Our maintenance agreement is a service contract between the customer and our technicians that allows our customers to pay an annual fee for any maintenance needs at any time of the year. The benefits include lower utility bills, priority customer service, 24-hour emergency service, inflation protection. When you sign a maintenance agreement with Air Tech Pros, you can count on quality service year-round!

A Dependable AC Guaranteed

Our technicians will examine your AC from top to bottom and look for every little problem with the unit. Sometimes the problems with your AC are often complex and difficult to identify, which is why our technicians will inspect every wire, filter, and fluid to make sure your AC is good and ready to go. When summertime hits, the heat can be overwhelming and once your AC receives a maintenance check from Air Tech Pros, you can count on your AC pulling you through the summer’s toughest days.

An AC tune up may not seem like a big deal, but it’s an important step in ensuring cool air in your home!
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Furnace Repair

Air Tech Pros’s furnace repair is timely and top-notch. A chilly evening could be worse when your furnace is busted or your heat pump system stops working. There are several indicators that hint your heating system may need repair, including loud noises, higher energy bills, and cool air blowing through your vents.

When problems arise, you may need your heating system fixed immediately. You’ll be delighted to know our licensed, trained technicians are here for you if and whenever your heating system starts failing. They have a solution to every problem and can answer all of your burning questions. Here’s what our heating system can do for a valued customer like you:

Quality Furnace Repair

Your home relies on the furnace to bring the heat, but repairs are needed every now and then to iron out the kinks. The technicians at Air Tech Pros will conduct thorough, in-depth repair that cuts right to the chase with no added frills. It’s a good time to call for repair when you notice the following issues with your furnace: a broken belt, mechanical wear and tear, a blown fuse, pilot light clogging, or if the thermostat is not working properly. Our technicians will never rule out any possibility and will give each repair the attention it deserves.

Dependable Emergency Service

Your home’s heating system can bust at any time, and it’s best to prepare for when an emergency breaks out. Put Air Tech Pros on your must-call list when an emergency arises with your heating system. We’re available 24/7, so don’t be afraid to give us a call at any time. A part of what makes us such a dedicated service is our ability to support you any time of day, whether it be early morning or in the middle of the night. We’re here to provide you quality repair.

Total Customer Satisfaction

Once you receive repairs from the technicians at Air Tech Pros, you’ll be made to feel 100% satisfied with our service, and with good reason. Our repair services will ensure you will never have to experience another problem with your home’s heating system. The technicians at Air Tech Pros go the extra mile to make you secure with your furnace or heat pump system repair by listening to your every word. They also try to get to know you as a person and love a good conversation, so chat them up!

When your heating system fails, we’ll bring the heat back to your home! Contact Air Tech Pros today for more information on furnace repair!

Heating System Replacement

Heating system replacement is a great option if you want the most modern heating technology in your home. Many heating systems today often fail due to their age. If your heating system is inching closer to its tenth year of installation, then it may be time for a replacement. It’s important to consider your heating system’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) to determine if replacement is necessary. Many older heating systems often lack the AFUE to keep up with the heating If you do seek a replacement, allow Air Tech Pros to be your go-to service and we’ll replace your aging heating system with the most up to date furnace or heat pump system. We want your home to be equipped with a heating system that works for you at all times. Here’s how our heating system replacement can benefit you:

A Heating System Replacement with High AFUE

Old furnaces and heat pump systems can’t possibly compare with their modern upgrades, especially in regards to AFUE. Many gas furnaces today often hover around a 98% in AFUE. This rating means they can handle and use 98% of all gas consumed to produce heat. Ask our technicians for further info AFUE ratings. The latest heating systems are undeniably efficient, and we’ll install them in your home in no time. Ditch the old and get with the times with our heating system replacement!

You Save Money on Bills & Repair

You’re more likely to run into problems with your heating systems if it’s old. Problem after problem will eventually build up and lead to throwing away money on repair. Older heating systems can also use up more energy than modern systems and rack up those energy bills. Fortunately, our heating system replacement will ensure you’ll spend less money on repair and lighten up those bills, especially if the replacement is a new, reliable heating system. We’d hate to see you waste money on faulty heating, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us.

Heating in Your Home 24/7

When your home is equipped with the latest heating system, you’re guaranteed a heating system that will fill your home with warmth year-round. The high AFUE of new heating systems are high-performance, high-quality systems that can pull you through the roughest weather of the year. Our technicians can answer any questions you may have about the latest in heating technology, so you can make sure you’re giving your home quality heating without any issues whatsoever.

When you hire us for replacement, it’s out with the old, and in with the new! Contact Air Tech Pros today for heating system replacement!

Heating Sales and Installation

Heating sales and installation is made easy when you call Air Tech Pros. We understand the importance of proper heating and strive to meet our customers’ every need. Besides, what’s a good home without proper heating? Heating system installation could improve the level of comfort in your wonderful home, and it’s best you leave an installation in the hands of a trusted, licensed technician at Air Tech Pros.

Air Tech Pros offers a wide range of sales and installations for all your heating needs, whether it be the installation of a furnace or heat pump system. Of course, we’re not just the leading heating system service for nothing. Our technicians take great measures in ensuring your satisfaction with our service. Here’s why our heating system sales and installation can’t be beat:

Excellent Furnace & Heat Pump System Installation

You can’t properly function in your home without a furnace or heat pump system to supply you with endless heating. The good news is Air Tech Pros can install these essentials for you. When you refer to Air Tech Pros for installation, our technicians can install a furnace or heat pump system that won’t call it quits. Installation from Air Tech Pros is also quick. We understand you want heat system installation to be done as soon as possible. Our technicians won’t only install your heating system on time, but also do a job well done.

Adaptable Installation

California is host to homes of all shapes and sizes. We understand every home is unique in its design or layout. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice quality installation. Our technicians will do their best to adjust heating system installations to fit the shape of your home. An installed heating system is great, but a heating system that blends in seamlessly with the aesthetic of your home is even better. Don’t underestimate the ability of our technicians to think outside the box!

Great Deals, Affordable Prices

Some heating system installation services can set installation at unjust high prices specifically designed to suck the money out your pockets. However, at Air Tech Pros, we understand you shouldn’t have to spend a hefty sum of money for basic needs and concessions. We love to give customers a wide range of options that fit within their budget. Air Tech Pros always offers special deals to lower the costs of installation, repair, or replacement. Be on the lookout for our newest deals!

When it comes to installation at fair prices, there’s no denying we deliver the heat so contact Air Tech Pros today for heating system sales & installation!

Heat Pump Services

When you’re considering alternatives for heating systems, what comes to mind? Have you thought about heat pumps?

At Air Tech Pros, we want everyone to know about heat pumps, our heat pump services, and how they can improve the efficiency, affordability, and safety of your home. With our highly efficient heat pump systems, you can control the temperature of your entire home all year round! Here’s how:

Features of Heat Pumps

Basically, a heat pump is any device that transfers thermal energy from a source to a destination. They absorb heat in one area and direct it to another one using evaporating and condensing coils respectively. One familiar instance of a heat pump is a refrigerator, which uses basic heat pump technology to control thermal energy. However, the term itself is rather broad, and it includes several HVAC machines that are “reversible,” meaning they can be automatically set to either heat or cool depending on the season.

Since a heat pump doesn’t actually burn fuel in order to produce heat, it’s a much cleaner and more energy-efficient alternative to furnaces or boilers. You can save money on your monthly fuel costs and reduce your carbon footprint with just one installation! Plus, heat pumps don’t produce carbon byproducts, so an installation will reduce your risk of carbon monoxide exposure and improve the overall health of your home.

Benefits of Heat Pumps

The advantages of heat pumps include:

  • They are far more energy efficient than standards for furnaces or boilers.
  • One device provides year-round comfort, improving convenience and reducing service costs.
  • Utility bills will be lower since heat pumps use significantly less energy to perform the same function as other HVAC systems.
  • A heat pump will make your home an overall greener place to be!

In combination with a natural gas system, and electric heat pump can make for a powerful and cost-effective auxiliary for a more modern dual fuel home! Even on its own, a heat pump provides superior control and energy efficiency. That’s why we offer consultation, installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement for all of the Greater Sacramento area! We know that smart homeowners stand to benefit from these high-quality machines.

Call the experts at Air Tech Pros now for any and all of your heat pump needs, and start reaping all of the benefits these powerful devices have to provide. Request a consultation today for more information about our heat pump services!